Final Level Test 1(READING – LISTENING)


TOEFL IBT – Final exam 2

Section: Reading


The Reading section measures your ability to understand academic passages in English.

– You will read 3 passages and answer questions about them. You will have 20 minutes to read the first passage and answer the questions about it. Then, you will have 40 minutes to read the second and the third passages and answer the questions about them.

– A clock at the top of the screen will show how much time is available to answer the questions.

– When you want to move to the next question, click on the “next” button. You may skip questions and go back to them later.

– If you want to return to previous questions, click on the “back” button.

– You can click on the review button at any time, and the review screen will show you which questions you have answered and which you have not answered. From this review screen, you may go directly to any question you have already seen in the Reading section.