Mock Exam 4- IELTS Academic – Speaking 1


The Speaking section of the IELTS Academic is composed of 3 parts:

Ex 1 – Introduction & Interview: The examiner asks you questions about general subjects (family, work or studies, hobbies, interests) for 4 to 5 minutes.

Ex 2 – Individual Long Turn: The examiner gives you a card asking to speak about a specific subject and to include certain specific points. You have 1 minute to prepare a 2-minute speech.

Ex 3 – Two-way Discussion: You discuss with the examiner some general, abstract problems, linked to the subject of Ex 2 for 4 to 5 minutes.

The Speaking section of the IELTS Academic evaluates your oral comprehension and your coherence, fluidity, vocabulary, and pronunciation.



[This part of the test begins with the examiner introducing himself or herself and checking the candidate’s identification. It then continues as an interview.]