TOEFL ibt® Prep

TOEFL ibt® Prep

TOEFL Triumph - Ace TOEFL with American School Online!

Empower Your Future: Conquer TOEFL iBT

Conquer TOEFL iBT with American School Online's Expert-Led Course.

Welcome to our online TOEFL course, where we offer the most comprehensive and effective preparation for the TOEFL exam. Our program is designed to help students of all levels achieve their best score on the exam and gain the confidence they need to succeed.

Our experienced instructors use a combination of interactive exercises, multimedia materials, and personalized feedback to create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. From vocabulary-building exercises to speaking and writing practice, our course covers all the key areas of the TOEFL exam.

Our online platform makes learning convenient and accessible for students, no matter where they are located. With 24/7 access to our materials and a flexible schedule, students can learn at their own pace and on their own terms.

At our online TOEFL course, we are committed to helping students reach their full potential. That’s why we offer a range of interactive and engaging materials to help students learn and grow. Our program includes live group discussions, virtual classroom sessions, AI-powered chatbots, and interactive progress tracking tools to help students stay motivated and on track.

With our online TOEFL course, you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible preparation for the exam. Join us today and take the first step towards achieving your academic and professional goals.

Why choose our unique Online Exam Prep Program at American School?

Immersive Online Learning

Harness the power of our unparalleled digital platform, and ready yourself for your certification anytime, anywhere. We bring the education to you, reshaping the boundaries of traditional learning.

Live Examinations and Graded Exercises

Experience real-time, timed examinations, and get an authentic taste of the actual test. Our graded exercises, reviewed by native teachers, provide actionable feedback, helping you learn from your mistakes and elevate your performance rapidly.

Interactive Video Classes and One-On-One Sessions

Our interactive video classes, delivered via Zoom, offer dynamic learning with real teachers right from our English academy. Private lessons with dedicated educators ensure you receive individual attention, enabling you to progress at your own pace.

Authentic Study Materials and Live Exams

Get access to a wealth of authentic online study resources, carefully curated and regularly updated. Simulate test day with live exams, perfecting your technique under timed conditions.

Native Speaker Corrections

Our native English speaking teachers offer their expertise in correcting your work, providing nuanced feedback that software simply can’t. Benefit from their rich understanding of the language’s subtleties and common pitfalls.

Real-time Progress Tracking

Stay in control of your learning journey with real-time progress tracking.Witness your transformation with our personalized statistics, keeping you motivated and informed up to the exam day.

A REAL English Academy

American School’s Online Exam Prep is not just another program; it’s a revolution in online education. Our mission is to deliver a quality learning experience like no other, combining cutting-edge technology, expert teachers, and real-world materials to empower every learner. Join us today and experience the future of learning.

Community Learning Environment

At American School, we believe learning is not a solitary endeavor. That's why our platform fosters a vibrant, interactive community of learners. You'll be able to join study groups, engage in discussions, share insights, and gain perspectives from peers around the globe. This collaborative environment not only enriches your learning experience but also builds a network of support and camaraderie.