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Speaking practice test 2.0

(Question type: Task 1)

You will now be asked to give your opinion about a familiar topic. After you hear the question, you will have 15 seconds to prepare your response and 45 seconds to speak.

Many people prefer watching music videos on television or the Internet rather than listening to the songs on their own. Which way of experiencing music do you think is preferable and why?

Preparation time: 15 seconds

Response time: 45 seconds

Text Explanation

There is no right or wrong answer, here: just go with your first thought. Which one is an easier answer? You might not listen to music while watching videos often, but it might be easier for you to answer that way, so it might be your first idea even if you disagree with it in practice.

Whatever seems like it’s the easiest response—whatever you think of first as an easy way to answer—is the best answer for you. Just be sure that you give those reasons. You need to explain the preference, not just say it.

For most people, it will be easier to argue that watching music videos is preferable (even if you don’t watch videos often), because you can quickly think of reasons that the videos are enjoyable. It’s a bit more difficult to think of why the music is better without a video.

Be sure to structure your answer. Give your opinion, then a reason for that opinion, and be sure to explain that reason, possibly with an example. Then move on to a second reason (if you have time), and again, be sure to explain it.

Sample notes #2

  • Vids
    • story
    • dance

Sample response #2

I definitely prefer watching music videos to listening to songs on their own. Music videos let talented directors and camera people … uhh, cinematographers… videos let them tell interesting stories. I mean, instead of just listening to lyrics, it’s possible to see the entire narrative unfolding before your eyes, with talented actors and musicians doing entertaining stuff on screen. At the same time, I love dancing and think that… err, that dancing is one of the greatest art forms. Music videos let me enjoy choreography… I mean, they let me enjoy the work of talented choreographers in a way that just listening to music never can.