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Speaking practice test 2.02

(Question type: Task 2)

You will now read a short passage and then listen to a conversation on the same topic. You will then be asked a question about them. After you read the question, you will have 30 seconds to prepare your response and 60 seconds to speak.

The university has decided to change its transportation options for students. Read the university website’s announcement about the decision. You will have 45 seconds to read the announcement. Begin reading now.

University Bus Service Discontinued

We regret to inform you that the university will no longer be able to offer complementary transportation by bus between various stops on campus and in the city at large. Instead, all students will now be given a fifty-dollar pass for public transportation. It will be renewable each semester. This pass can be used on all public subways and buses. While the university regrets this inconvenience, it is hoped that students will take the opportunity to immerse themselves more closely in the local community.

The female student expresses her opinion about why she disagrees with the university’s new policy. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.

Preparation time: 30 seconds

Response time: 60 seconds

Text Explanation

The announcement that you read has some hints about what the student will talk about. First, we see the change: the school will not have complementary (free) buses. Instead, they will give students $50 every semester. After that, there are some details. The student will argue against those details in the conversation.

  • “This pass can be used on all public subways and buses.”
  • “It is hoped that students will take the opportunity to immerse themselves more closely in the local community.”

The second one is more noticeable. Probably, the student in the conversation will say that students won’t immerse themselves in the local community. Definitely listen for a reason why not.

Besides that, you might expect something about the “all public subways and buses” detail. The student might say something negative about those.

Then, after listening, you’ll focus your response on those two details and why the student disagrees with them.

Sample notes


  • Free bus
    • $50 / semester
      • Sub. & bus
    • Students ⇒ community


  • Sci center far—thru bad area
  • Little $ ⇒ Interact

Sample response #2

The female student disagrees with the decision to cut funding to the university’s official buses. The school wants a new system—a voucher system for public transport. But it’s bad. Some university buildings are far away from the subway and public bus routes...specifically the science building...students will need to walk through the dangerous part of town to get there. She is also suspicious of the idea that taking local transportation will mix students in the local community, because the fifty dollar vouchers are not worth enough money to consistently let the students take public transport. Students will need to walk to most places after that money is used up, and…umm, they probably will not interact much more than they do right now with people in the city.