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Speaking practice test 3.05

(Question type: Task 2)

You will now read a short passage and then listen to a conversation on the same topic. You will then be asked a question about them. After you read the question, you will have 30 seconds to prepare your response and 60 seconds to speak.

The campus radio station is considering a change to its programming. Read an article in the university newspaper about the possible change. You have 45 seconds to read the article. Begin reading now.

College Radio Station May Take Advertisers

The school radio station may soon air paid advertisements from local businesses. Dan Shanklin, the student director of the radio station, has commented that money earned from advertising could help the radio station improve its programming. Shanklin expects that advertising revenue would be used to purchase both higher-end recording equipment and the broadcast rights for popular songs and syndicated radio programs that may be of interest to students. With enough advertising money, Shanklin feels it may even be possible to invite famous singers to campus for performances in the radio station studio. The radio station’s board of directors, which includes both students and faculty, will make a decision on this possible programming change early next week.

The woman expresses her opinion about the change described in the article. Briefly summarize the change. Then state her opinion about the change and give the reasons she states for holding that opinion.

Preparation time: 30 seconds

Response time: 60 seconds