01. Introduction
02. Grammar/Activities:
03. Reading Section
04 Listening Section:
05. Speaking Section:
06. Writing Section:
07 Final TOEFL tests

Listening Test 1.11


Student – Mr. Martin?
Professor – Oh hello, Judith! How can I help you today?
Student – Well, I was wondering if we could speak about your last class.
Professor – Of course, what about it?
Student – Well, I think I’m having trouble with the tasks you’ve given us.
Professor – Okay. Hmm…you mean the tasks that I’ve asked you to do for next time
Student – Yeah, well, exactly.
Professor – And, how can I help you with that?
Student – Well, I was hoping you could explain the questions about tectonic plates to me again. I didn’t understand it very well and I think it’s important to do so to undertake the task and to do it well.
Professor – Well, of course, indeed. Hmm… but I can’t right now. I have another lesson in a few minutes; and honestly, all the students might find it unfair if I help you and not all of them.
Student – I understand. Hmm… therefore, what do you advise?
Professor – Well, there’s a very good website that I’ve actually conceived, uh, that I actually gave you in the lesson. So you might not have been listening at that point but I gave you the address.
Student – Really? I have no recollection of you giving us a website address. This is really strange… I actually listened to everything you said during the week so that’s really odd!
Professor – Yes, well, that’s okay. What I can do is give you the website address again. And it sums up the important points of Thursday’s lesson. And actually, it sums up the important points of all the lessons I’ve given you on tectonic plates.
Student – That’s wonderful! I will check it out, in that case. But… what happens if I still have some issues? Particularly concerning the task. I mean, the essay we have to write isn’t exactly what we saw in class so… I’m not too sure of what you want, to be honest.
Professor – Hmm… maybe you can send me an e-mail. Just make sure the questions that you ask me are not beyond my professional duties. I really can’t give you too much information about what I’m expecting, you do understand.
Student – Of course I understand. Well, I’ll try not to ask too many questions that are related to the task that’s given and I won’t ask you any questions concerning our final examination. Of course! But thank you so much Mr. Martin. You’ve been a great help. So I’ll go on this website and I’ll check all this out.
Professor – Perfect! Okay, I really have to go and give my lesson, now. So, I’ll see you soon.
Student – Okay. Bye.