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07 Final TOEFL tests

Listening Test 1.12


Student – Excuse me, Mr. Morgan.
Adviser – Oh, hi! Leslie, isn’t it? Come in, Leslie. I haven’t seen you in a while, have I? How can I help you?
Student – Well, if you have a few minutes, I need you to help me sort out my credit hours. It’s kind of an emergency.
Adviser – OK. Sit down. I’ve got a few minutes right now. Don’t worry. So, what’s the problem with your credit hours?
Student – Well, I think I may not have the right ones. The ones I need to graduate, I mean.
Adviser – What’s your major again? Business Management?
Student – Yes, it’s supposed to be. For Bus Ad, I still need to take Global Economics, EC303. And well, I’ve got room for it in my schedule but 303’s got a prerequisite, which I haven’t taken. EC203. Econometrics.
Adviser – Oh, that’s just great! How did you manage that, Leslie?
Student – Not paying attention. I didn’t notice until now that I needed 303 to graduate and didn’t notice before that I needed 203 before doing 303. Is there anything I can do now to fix this?
Adviser – Well, I’m not sure. It’s possible that the dean would let you take them concurrently. It’s been done before in extremis.
Student – Well, that’s what I am… in extremis. The last term before graduation and I’m stuck. Do you think he would, really?
Adviser – It’s possible if your grades are good enough and everything else is in order. Are they? Is everything in order?
Student – Oh yeah! My GPA is 3.7 and I’ve got all the other required credits and then some. I’ve actually taken more electives than I need to.
Adviser – Too many electives and missed a prerequisite. Good work, Leslie!
Student – Yeah, it’s pretty dumb, huh?
Adviser – OK, well, they’re both offered this term, I hope.
Student – Oh yeah. Global Economics is Tuesday and Thursdays at 3pm and Econometrics is the same days at 11 in the morning. Those would work fine except…
Adviser – Except what?
Student – Except I’ve already signed up for the second half of my statistics course, Stats 202, at 11.
Adviser – Is that a required course?
Student – No, but it’s highly recommended for business majors and I really need that math. Math is my weak point, I’m afraid. And I’m going to use a lot of it, if I go into finance, like I want to.
Adviser – Leslie, do you know what… Econometrics is?
Student – Sure. I guess it’s measuring economies; econo plus metrics, isn’t it?
Adviser – It’s math, Leslie! Statistics. It’s a course in the kind of statistics used in business, finance, and economics.
Student – Oh! So, maybe, I don’t need Stats 202, then.
Adviser – That’s right. Bus Ad makes sure you get the necessary math by requiring Econometrics but you’ve already taken Statistics 201 already?
Student – Yes.
Adviser – Listen, there may be another solution to this. The dean might accept Stats 201 and 202 instead of Econometrics.
Student – Really? That would be great!
Adviser – He might, anyway. I’m not sure. I’m gonna have to call his office about this, about both possibilities, anyway, right away. Let me just see what they say. If you had a choice, which option would it be?
Student – Well, unless they really want me to take Econometrics, I think it would be easier if I completed the second half of my Statistics course. I mean, I’ve had the whole course under my belt. But whatever the dean wants, I’m happy to do whatever it takes me to graduate on time.
Adviser – OK. Well, with two options, he may be more amenable to exempting you from a prerequisite. Can you bring me a copy of your transcript later today?
Student – I’ve got one here, Mr. Morgan, actually. Here you go.
Adviser – Oh yes! It does look good, Leslie! Three point seven and a good scattering of A’s, too! OK. I’ll arrange to see the dean as soon as I can. If not today, then, tomorrow morning, I hope. And we’ll try to get this straightened out for you. Stop by tomorrow afternoon around 3 o’clock, will you?
Student – Sure. And thanks! Thanks so much! You’re saving my life!