01. Introduction
02. Grammar/Activities:
03. Reading Section
04 Listening Section:
05. Speaking Section:
06. Writing Section:
07 Final TOEFL tests

Listening Test 1.13


Student – Hi Professor! Can I speak with you for a minute?
Professor – Of course, Katy. Come on in. How can I help you?
Student – Well, I’m a bit behind on my work and I wanted to ask you for an extension for our work group that’s due on Monday. I really don’t want to disadvantage the others. And I haven’t even started yet.
Professor – Well that’s not very sensible!
Student – I know. I’ve just had too much going on with my tennis tournaments and chess club annual competition and the exams to prepare. I completely forgot we had this group assignment to do.
Professor – Well, what I can suggest as an absolute exception is that the others give in their group work on Monday as planned and I’m sure they’ve done it without you. And you do the same assignment alone. That way, you can give in yours at the end of the week and the others aren’t disadvantaged.
Student – Well, that sounds good! And what assignment do you want me to do?
Professor – The same one! An investigation on university life either on transport, food, leisure… whatever interests you. Then, you create the questionnaire, do a survey on at least a hundred and fifty members of the university, a full report on the survey and then, a one thousand word essay on the topic. The investigation must be fully presented in your essay as well as the reasons for choosing the subject.
Student – That’s a lot of work!
Professor – Well, yes, for one person, it is. You should have worked in your group. You would have saved time.
Student – Uh, I know. It’s my fault. But… well, thanks for your help. I’ll… I’ll give it in by Friday evening, then?
Professor – No! I’m not here in the afternoon on Friday. You must give it to me in the morning for our 9am class. I’m going to a conference this weekend.
Student – Ah, OK. And what’s the conference about?
Professor – It’s about how to make students give their work in on time.
Student – Really?
Professor – No, I’m joking. Now I have to work