01. Introduction
02. Grammar/Activities:
03. Reading Section
04 Listening Section:
05. Speaking Section:
06. Writing Section:
07 Final TOEFL tests

Listening Test 1.2


Student – Hi. I would like to register for the new horticulture class organized by the biology department.
Secretary – Of course. Hmm… wait a second. OK. Oh, I do hope there’s still room for one more student.
Student – Oh, I’ve been dying to study horticulture but haven’t had the time to come in and register this week with the exams and all.
Secretary – Well, there are still two spaces left, but they are reserved to post-graduate students. Are you undergraduate or post-graduate?
Student – I’m an undergraduate student, unfortunately. But I am in my last year.
Secretary – I’m afraid it’s all booked in that case.
Student – And isn’t there any way of just nudging me in? I am dying to attend this class.
Secretary – Well, let me ring the department. See…
Student – Thanks so much.
Secretary – Oh, hang on. It’s ringing. Yes, hello, Susan from the registrations. Can I sign in a third year student in a horticulture class? Mm, mm, OK. Thanks for your time. Well, they said that normally no, but a student recently transferred to another university, left his place. So… a space is being freed. You’re very lucky!
Student – Wonderful! Thanks so much! So, do you need any ID or student card or anything?
Secretary – Yes, both please. And then you are officially in the class. And you can thank me because it is very, very, very rare.
Student – Oh, thank you so much! Here you go.