01. Introduction
02. Grammar/Activities:
03. Reading Section
04 Listening Section:
05. Speaking Section:
06. Writing Section:
07 Final TOEFL tests

Listening Test 1.3


Student – Hi Mr. Appleblum. Can we fix a meeting for next week?
Professor – Oh, what’s happening Judy? Is everything OK?
Student – I’d like to speak to you about something in private, if that’s OK.
Professor – Well, yes, but the thing is I’m out of town all next week because I’m giving a conference in New Haven.
Student – Oh, OK. And the week after?
Professor – That’s OK for me. Um, any day of the week between 3 and 6 pm. These are my office hours.
Student – Is Wednesday OK? The day after I’m going on a trip to New York.
Professor – Oh yeah! That sounds very good. Well, OK for Wednesday, then. I hope that whatever problem you have can wait until then.
Student – It’s OK. I’m a patient girl and… but if I may ask, what kind of a conference are you giving?
Professor – A conference on the psychology of business. I’m launching a new book in the fall and I want to promote it.
Student – Oh well, good luck with that.
Professor – Thank you. And I’ll see you in two weeks, then.
Student – OK. Enjoy your trip to New Haven!