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07 Final TOEFL tests

Listening Test 1.5


Student – Hi! I wanna get a pass for the intramural activities center this quarter, please.
Woman – Sure. Uhh…I need to see your student ID card please. Okay, thank you. Now, which type of IMA pass would you like to buy?
Student – I don’t know. Um, how many different kinds of passes are there?
Woman – Well, there’s the basic pass that allows you to use the basketball court, the fitness center, the racquetball court, the rock climbing center, and the indoor track. An IMA super pass lets you use all those things and also the swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf driving range. Then, we have, hmm, specialized passes, but just the swimming pools and the fitness center.
Student – Gosh! I don’t know…hmm I didn’t think this would be quite so complicated. Hmm, so the basic pass includes basketball, the fitness center, racquetball, and…what else?
Woman – The rock climbing center and the indoor track. It costs $50 for the quarter.
Student – And the super pass has all those things plus swimming, tennis, golf driving range, right?
Woman – Yes, that’s correct. The super pass is $75 for the quarter. It also permits you to use the IMA center during 2 weeks Christmas vacation if you’re going to be here.
Student – Huh..so the basic pass is $50 for the quarter and the super pass is 75 but the super pass gives you 2 extra weeks… and you mentioned there were also special passes?
Woman – Yes, well, we have a swim-only pass for $35. This lets you use either one of our two swimming pools plus the sauna and whirlpools and the locker room. There’s also a pass for the fitness center only; that costs $40 and gives you access to all the weight machines and fitness machines as well as the locker room, sauna, and whirlpools.
Student – All right. Let’s see if I got this straight. The swim pass is $35, the fitness center pass is 40 and both of these include access to the whirlpools and saunas and the locker room.
Woman – Correct. Oh and one of the things I forgot to mention is that the fitness pass includes a 15% discount on all our IMA sport and fitness classes.
Student – Huh…15% and what kinds of sport and fitness classes do you have?
Woman – Oh my! We have several different kinds; dance classes, yoga, aerobics, swim conditioning, taekwondo… here’s the brochure with all the details…
Student – Thanks. So there’s an extra fee for them even if I have a super pass?
Woman – I’m afraid so. Yes, because we have to pay the teachers’ salaries and the cost of the equipment.
Student – Okay. And what about someone who isn’t a university student? Is there some kind of pass that they could buy?
Woman – No, I’m afraid not. IMA passes are only offered to registered students and faculty. Guests have to be accompanied by a student or a faculty member and they pay $10 each time they come.
Student – Huh and can students pay the same way? I mean, $10 each time they come?
Woman – Yes, but if you’re going to come very often, it’s best to buy a pass. The students cry about a $5 per visit. If you use the IMA even once a week, you save money by buying a pass.
Student – Well, thanks for the information. There’re so many choices. I can’t make my decision up right now. I’ll think about it, then I’ll come back later this week.
Woman – No problem. We’re open Monday through Thursday from 8 to 12. Then, from 1 to 4:30, and from 1 to 5:30 on Friday. If you have any more questions, you can call the phone number on the brochure.
Student – Thank you very much. I’ll see you soon.