01. Introduction
02. Grammar/Activities:
03. Reading Section
04 Listening Section:
05. Speaking Section:
06. Writing Section:
07 Final TOEFL tests

Listening Test 1.8


Student – Good morning.
Staff – Hello! How can I assist you today?
Student – Well, I’m looking at different universities in the area and want to know a little bit more about this faculty.
Staff – Of course! What courses would you be interested in?
Student – I’m looking for a general course load to increase my general knowledge but I’m not too sure what kind of Master’s I would be able to do after.
Staff – Well, the question is really, what are your passions? Are you more literary or more scientific, and if you have an idea of what profession you wish to exert after your studies, I’d like to know.
Student – Well honestly, I’m more of the literature kind of guy. Science and math are not my strong points but I really like animals and would love to become a vet one day.
Staff – Well, that’s a bit of a difficult case. I would suggest you take the general course load, then. That way, in two years you can choose what you want to specialize in, and you’ll have all the tools to choose your Master’s.
Student – Ah, that’s what I thought too. But is there a good balance between the subjects? Can I, for example, take a scientific course load the first semester and then a literary course load?
Staff – No, unfortunately, the balance must be perfect for each semester. In the first semester, for example, you must choose three literary courses, three science or math courses, and two general knowledge courses, such as Sociology, Psychology, or History of Ideas.
Student – Ah, OK. Well, that sounds good enough. That way, I can see if I’m good enough at science.
Staff – To continue a veterinary course… exactly.
Student – OK. Great! And what are the course fees for this university?
Staff – They are $10,000 per year excluding lodging, which is an extra 200 per month. We have a loan plan for those who need one and we can help you with the forms for financial aid if your family situation permits it.
Student – Perfect! And uh, when is the admission deadline?
Staff – In three months, on the 30th of May, but try and send your application as soon as possible as we also have early admissions. And then, you have the opportunity to choose your lodging before anyone else and you have priority aid for financial aid.
Student – Wonderful! And early admissions are until…?
Staff – The 2nd of April.
Student – OK. Thanks for your information, then. Just to conclude, so the admissions are until the 30th of May in 3 months and early admissions are until the 2nd of April.
Staff – Correct.
Student – OK. I’ll take your card in case I have any other questions.
Staff – Of course, here it is.