01. Introduction to IELTS
02. IELTS Reading
03. IELTS Writing
04. IELTS Listening
05. IELTS Speaking
06. Test-taking strategies
07. Practice tests and feedback
08. Final review and exam day preparation
09. Exam day
Final Exams

Final Exam 1 – IELTS Academic


The Listening section of the IELTS Academic will take 30 minutes.

The exam consists of 40 questions. Each question has only one correct response.

The IELTS Listening is composed of 4 sections corresponding to 4 audio extracts of increasing difficulty:

Ex 1 – Short Conversation

Ex 2 – Monologue 

Ex 3 – Long Conversations 

Ex 4 – Lecture 

The Listening exercises of the IELTS evaluate your ability to understand conversations using various English accents about both academic and everyday topics.