01. Introduction to IELTS
02. IELTS Reading
03. IELTS Writing
04. IELTS Listening
05. IELTS Speaking
06. Test-taking strategies
07. Practice tests and feedback
08. Final review and exam day preparation
09. Exam day
Final Exams

Mock Exam 3- IELTS Academic – Speaking 10

I think that some professional athletes do make too much money. I think the average salary for a professional athlete is only about 35,000 dollars a year. But really famous sports stars are making 20 - 90 million per year! I think that when a big company sponsors them to wear a particular pair of shoes, they can make huge sums and I just don’t think that that’s fair. That really famous footballer, what’s his name? Cristiano Ronaldo? I think he probably makes half of his money in product endorsement campaigns. This has a negative impact on our society because it creates idols based off of marketing a product. That just can’t be healthy for anyone.