01. Introduction to IELTS
02. IELTS Reading
03. IELTS Writing
04. IELTS Listening
05. IELTS Speaking
06. Test-taking strategies
07. Practice tests and feedback
08. Final review and exam day preparation
09. Exam day
Final Exams

Mock Exam 3- IELTS Academic – Speaking 7


An exercise that I know is going for a run. Um, basically, I like to go for runs that are over a couple of miles and when I do it, I like to go out somewhere in nature. I like to put music on, and yeah, I really like to enjoy the scenery as I do it. There are several important things to remember before going for a run. The first thing is getting some source of energy. I usually like to eat a small banana or some nuts 30 minutes before I run so I don’t feel lightheaded. It’s also super important to stretch before running. Whenever I don’t stretch for an entire 10 minutes, I always get super sore during and after the run, you have to heat up your muscles before you start pounding them repeatedly into the ground. And I think that running shoes make a big difference in the quality of your run. You have to shell out the big bucks to get a running shoe that fits well and provides your feet with the support they need. So, the kind of people that should try it are… it could be anyone to be honest, I started running when I was a boy of about 12 years old. I know that people run marathons even, into their 80s and 90s. I think that running is a really good exercise because it’s cardiovascular and so it helps blood flow around your body and you also release endorphins when you run that make you feel really happy. It’s the kind of exercise that’s really good at helping you maintain a healthy weight as well and also helping you to sleep at night.