01. Introduction to IELTS
02. IELTS Reading
03. IELTS Writing
04. IELTS Listening
05. IELTS Speaking
06. Test-taking strategies
07. Practice tests and feedback
08. Final review and exam day preparation
09. Exam day
Final Exams

Mock Exam 5- IELTS Academic – Speaking 11

What reason(s) do you have for taking this exam ?

The main reason I have for taking this exam is just to see where I’m at in the English language. I would like to take the TOEFL, the TOEIC and the IELTS as an English native speaker to just get a general idea of what universities and other schools and employers are looking for, what sort of skills they are testing on these exams, to see, that as a native speaker, do I have these skills ? And if not, what can I do to improve?