01. Introduction
02. About the TOEIC Exam
03. Listening Section
04. Reading Section
05. Speaking TOEIC
06. Writing TOEIC
07. Test-taking Strategies
08. Practice Exams
09. Conclusion

5.07 Speaking TOEIC full-length practice test

There are 10 complete  TOEIC®  Speaking sets included in this course. Each set consists of 11 speaking questions just as in the real exam with the exception that audio tracks are substituted by transcripts so instead of listening to the directions you will read them. In order to record your response use the “Record” Button. You will see the time limit next to the button /15, 45 or 60 seconds) depending on the question. If you finish your response before reaching the maximum time hit the “stop” to record your answer. Your answers will be recorded and sent to your teacher, and you will be able to review them together in your next class.