01. Introduction
02. About the TOEIC Exam
03. Listening Section
04. Reading Section
05. Speaking TOEIC
06. Writing TOEIC
07. Test-taking Strategies
08. Practice Exams
09. Conclusion

7.01 Time management

Time Management Mastery for TOEIC Success


Welcome to our Time Management Mastery course, designed specifically to boost your TOEIC exam performance. Effective time management is a critical skill for achieving top scores in the Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC). This course will provide you with practical strategies and tips to help you manage your time efficiently and confidently during your exam preparation and the exam itself. Let’s get started on your journey to TOEIC success!

Module 1:

Understanding the TOEIC Exam Structure and Timing In this module, we will explore the TOEIC exam structure and the time constraints you will face. By understanding the time limits and requirements for each section, you will be better equipped to manage your time effectively during the test.

1.1 Overview of the TOEIC Exam 1.2 Time Allocation for Listening and Reading Sections 1.3 Time Management Challenges in the TOEIC Exam

Module 2:

Time Management Strategies for TOEIC Exam Preparation In this module, we will discuss several time management strategies that can help you make the most of your TOEIC exam preparation. We will cover goal setting, creating a study plan, and effective techniques to maximize your study time.

2.1 Goal Setting for TOEIC Success 2.2 Creating a Study Plan 2.3 Prioritizing and Scheduling Study Sessions 2.4 Time Management Techniques for Efficient Study

Module 3:

Time Management Strategies for the Listening Section In this module, we will explore time management strategies specific to the Listening section of the TOEIC exam. These strategies will help you make the most of the allocated time and ensure that you answer each question confidently.

3.1 Understanding the Listening Section Format 3.2 Strategies for Efficient Note-taking 3.3 Managing Time during Audio Playback 3.4 Techniques for Quick and Accurate Answer Selection

Module 4:

Time Management Strategies for the Reading Section In this module, we will delve into time management strategies tailored for the Reading section of the TOEIC exam. We will provide techniques to help you quickly comprehend and analyze the passages, allowing you to answer questions accurately and efficiently.

4.1 Understanding the Reading Section Format 4.2 Skimming and Scanning Techniques 4.3 Time Management Tips for Reading Passages 4.4 Strategies for Tackling Different Question Types

Module 5:

Test Day Time Management Tips In this final module, we will discuss essential time management tips for the actual TOEIC exam day. We will cover pre-test preparations, managing stress, and strategies for monitoring and adjusting your time during the test.

5.1 Pre-test Time Management Preparations 5.2 Managing Stress and Staying Focused 5.3 Monitoring and Adjusting Your Time during the Exam 5.4 Post-exam Review and Time Management Reflection


By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the TOEIC exam’s time constraints and a toolkit of time management strategies to optimize your exam preparation and performance. With diligent practice and the right approach, you will be well on your way to achieving your desired TOEIC score. Good luck, and remember that time management mastery is the key to your TOEIC success!