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5.07 Integrated Speaking Task Question 3

About TOEFL Speaking Question Three

Here’s how TOEFL speaking question 3 works:

The Reading

The reading is usually about a specific term or concept. It usually has a clear title and about five sentences that define the term and give some basic details. When I surveyed 500 students in 2019, they said the most common topics were:

The Listening

The lecture is usually 1.5 minutes or 2 minutes long.  It is about the same term or idea from the reading. Most of it will consist of one or two examples that demonstrate the term or idea.  It could be an example from the personal life of the speaker. If there is just one example, listen for two parts (like cause/effect or before/after).



The Question Prompt

The question will look something like one of these:

Answer Template

You can always use the same template to organize your answer to TOEFL speaking question three.  


Stating the Term or Idea

Give a Small Amount of Detail from the Reading


First Example/First Part

Second Example/Second Part

Tips and Tricks

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