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6.06 Samples tests

Integrated Writing

In this task, first you will be given 3 minutes to read an academic passage. After reading the passage, you will listen to a lecture on the same topic. You will then write an essay summarizing the lecture and the reading passage and showing the relationship between them. You should not express your own opinion of the issues and you should not bring in any information from outside the passage and the lecture.

The reading passage may or may not have a different point of view from the lecture. There are a total of two different scenarios that you can encounter. To review them in detail click on Writing 1 Overview button above

Reading time: 3 minutes

Writing time: 20 minutes

Independent Writing

In this task you will be given a prompt (a topic) and will be asked to express your opinion in your written response. Your response will be based entirely on your own knowledge and experience. There is a total of 6 question types you may encounter at the exam: Agree or DisagreeSupport or Oppose; Your Preference; If / ImaginaryDescription or ExplanationCompare and Contrast

We recommend using a 5paragraph structure approach for 5 out of the 6 essay question types. The Compare and Contrast question type is the only essay question that will require a different essay structure. We will be reviewing all 6 of the possible question types in detail and providing you with two structures we recommend for your response in the Writing 2 Overview section.

Writing time: 30 minute