Listening Test 1.1


Student – Good morning!
Secretary – Oh! Good morning, I hadn’t seen you there. How can I help you?
Student – Well, I’m looking for the office that’s managing student loans.
Secretary – Well, you came to the right place.
Student – Mmm, is this not the Student Council?
Secretary – Yes, the loan office closed last year, and we take up the mission of managing the loans.
Student – Oh OK, well I’ve come to check my balance to see how much I still owe you.
Secretary – Of course. I’m going to need your student card and your ID.
Student – OK. Well, here’s the student card, and, hmm, and my ID.
Secretary – Oh the ID is out of date, it expired last month. Don’t you have another?
Student – No, I haven’t had time to change it.
Secretary – Well OK, we only accept valid ID but since you have your student card, and you seem honest enough I’ll let it pass with this one.
Student – Great, thanks. I really need this information in order to evaluate my budget to see if I can afford the trip to France that the Student Council organizes.
Secretary – Indeed OK, let’s have a look… hmm, well you still owe us $10,000, you’ve already paid back 5,000, um, from the 15 that you owed us.
Student – Ah OK. Do you know if I am still allowed to borrow any more money?
Secretary – Hmm, your authorized amount is 15,000, um, so $5,000 per term, and the trip to France is only $1,000.
Student – OK, well, let’s say that I’ll need about $1,000… that’s not too expensive so I should probably ask for $2,000.
Secretary – Of course. So do you want to borrow 2,000 extra dollars then?
Student – Absolutely.
Secretary – Of course, okay, let’s fill in the papers then.
Student – OK great. Do you need any credit card details or bank details to set this up? I know you need it for initial loans.
Secretary – Well I should ask you for them, but to tell you the truth, I don’t really need them since I have all the information here in your file so don’t worry about it.
Student – Thanks so much, I thought it would be more difficult to set up all this stuff.
Secretary – Well it is normally, but let’s just say we can make things a little bit simpler when we want to.