Section: Speaking


The Speaking section measures your ability to speak about a variety of topics in English.

This is the third section in the TOEFL iBT test and it will assess your ability to speak English in an academic environment.

You will have 17 minutes to complete the section. You will have to answer questions based on 4 tasks.

There is a huge variety of topics in this section, from student life and studying, to technology and the environment. The tasks will be about real-life situations you might encounter in an academic environment, like in a classroom or on campus.

The exercises are:

  • Task 1 – Independent Speaking task
  • Task 2 – Integrated Speaking task (campus-related)
  • Task 3 – Integrated Speaking task (academic topic)
  • Task 4 – Integrated Speaking task (academic lecture) You will have some time to prepare each answer and can take notes if needed. Start