TOEFL ibt – Listening 1

Section: Listening


The Listening section measures your ability to understand conversations and lectures in English. -There will be 2 exercises. You will listen to one conversation and two lectures for each exercise. – You will hear each conversation or lecture only one time.

– You will answer questions after each conversation or lecture. The questions typically ask about the main idea and supporting details. Some questions ask about a speaker’s purpose or attitude. Answer the questions based on what is stated or implied by the speakers.

– You may take notes while you listen.
– You may use your notes to help answer the questions.

– Your notes will not be scored. If you need to change the volume, click on the volume icon at the top of the screen. In some questions you will see a headphone icon. This means that you will hear, but not see part of the question. Some questions have special directions, which appear in a gray box on the screen. Most questions are worth one point. If a question is worth more than one point, it will have special directions that indicate how many points it is worth.