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Integrated Speaking Task Question 2


You will read a short text related to university life, then you will listen to a conversation about the same subject. You will have to summarize the information from both documents.

The day of the exam: You will have 45 seconds to read the text, and then you will have 30 seconds to prepare your answer after recording is played. You will have to speak for one minute.

Tip: Practice by listening to English conversations- you will feel more at ease the day of the exam!

Text 1

The university is planning to offer a free language course. Read a short article announcing it. Give yourself 45 seconds to read the article. Then listen to students disccusing the same topic. 

Text 2

University to offer free Spanish courses this trimester

Due to an influx of exchange students from Spain and Latin America, starting this trimester the university will be offering free Spanish language tuition for interested parties. Participation in these courses is limited, however, and preference will be given to those students taking part in activities directly related to the exchange program. Go to the university website for further details.

Question 1

The woman expresses her opinion on the language course offered. State her opinion and the reasons she has for holding it.


Try to use other ways of expressing opinions, rather than always using the verb ‘to think’: “I guess”, “I wonder”, “I am not sure about…”.


The woman is of the opinion that the language course should be something students have to pay for, and that in any case it will be very difficult to get on. She cites the popularity of Spanish to back up her opinion, as well as the preferences given in the article, which say that students working in close proximity to exchange students will be chosen first. She also goes on to say that, since the course is free, many students won’t take it seriously and might not even show up to half of the classes.