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How to Become an Instructor

Become an Instructor

Plan your course

Our main TEST Prep courses are all completed online and ideal for students to learn from home or abroad.

We are the leading company in test prep and our team will help you throughout the whole process. 

How we help you

The American School provides many opportunities for study and working abroad programming, as well as professional development.

We freely offer all the proper training and the tools to become an expert English teacher.


Job brief

We are looking for an experienced English teacher to join our bright team. If you love English and have the ability to teach the language with patience and tact, let’s meet. 

Your main goal will be to create a supportive learning environment which will help your students meet their learning goals. Through interesting and diverse methods, you’ll teach them the important rules of reading, writing, and speaking in English. You’ll oversee their progress by tracking their assignment and exam grades, in order to provide useful feedback.

Instructor Basic Requirements
  • Previous experience as an English teacher
  • Knowledge of various teaching methods
  • Deep understanding of the national curriculum and English language requirements
  • Exceptional organizational and communication skills
  • A patient and resilient personality
  • Dedication to students and education
  • TEFL certificate is a bonus, + better salary


  • Organize classroom lectures and coursework 
  • Prepare materials and activities
  • Assign homework and interesting exercises
  • Identify students with special requirements and create individualized plans
  • Determine exam and assignment grades 
  • Provide feedback based on workload and classroom behavior
  • Keep a record of students’ attendance and grades
  • Research new language teaching methods 
  • Inform our Director of Studies about their student’s performance
  • Collaborate with teaching staff and administrators to foster a good student experience
How we help you

Our Senior teachers and TEFL certified experts will provide you with the tools and help you throughout the process.

We're here to help

Our Instructor Support Team is here for you 24/7 to help you through your course creation needs. Use our Teaching Center, a resource center to help you through the process.This community group is always on, always there, and always helpful.

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